Royal Banquet Hall banner


     Conveniently located in a bustling retail complex at 3821-2A Gate City Boulevard, Royal Banquet Hall is dedicated to serving the Asian and Latino communities in the Piedmont region. As such, the owners, husband-and-wife team Xua and Van D. Nguyen—who themselves immigrated to the area from Vietnam—are especially attuned to the unique needs and desires of their customers.

     Launched one year ago, the Royal Banquet Hall is the ideal spot for gala celebrations, and can accommodate as many as 350 guests in its spacious, 5,000-square-foot environs. While other venues of similar size exist in the region, none can surpass the Royal Banquet Hall’s all-inclusive accoutrements, designed to make celebrations of any type both elegant and worry-free.

     Foremost among numerous special features is a sophisticated, built-in, acoustically perfect sound system that was professionally installed by engineers to guarantee quality sound, no matter how large or small an event. Musicians simply step onto the elevated and spacious stage at the front of the hall, plug in their instruments, and the on-staff sound technicians expertly manage mixing and volume levels from a separate booth across the room. These technicians also create the ideal ambiance for each event via a sophisticated, in-house lighting and multi-media system with multiple screens and projectors. From subtle glows for dining to the excitement of a dance floor pulsating with colorful light, the highly skilled technical team brings memorable events to life.

     Xua Nguyen derives great personal satisfaction from serving newcomers to the area, and is particularly sensitive to the issues faced by the Asian and Latino population. As a businessperson who was regularly invited to functions in the area, he long suspected that a lack of familiarity with the local language and customs meant people in his community were easily taken advantage of by less-than-scrupulous special-event coordinators. As example, he found that people were often charged hundreds of dollars for beer and wine licenses, when they could purchase their own license from the State for approximately $50. “I saw that people were being gouged, not only for liquor, but for catering and other services as well,” Nguyen relates. “That’s when I decided to open the Royal Banquet Hall.”

     “Here, we introduce them to caterers and bands that we trust, but we never dictate,” the executive continues. “Our customers are free to make their own decisions about food, music and decorations and we work closely with them to ensure that their event is everything they dreamed about.”  

     “At first glance, it may sometimes appear that our quote is higher, but that’s because there are no surprises here,” Nguyen asserts. “Look closely and compare prices, and you will find that everything is included in our quote; we don’t charge extra for things like tables and chairs, for example, where most venues tack on rental fees for equipment. Additionally, we help our customers obtain their own licenses for beer and wine, rather than charge them unnecessarily. We focus on being transparent and making the planning of every party a pleasure. We believe it is an honor to serve our community and our goal is simple: To see our customers and their guests enjoying their special event—whether wedding, reunion, anniversary, corporate or church activity—to the utmost. That’s what brings us joy!